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On April 17-19. 2023

Book Release - 

Book Three of the Bella Santini Chronicles:

Princess Bella Visits the Dragon's Lair

At Top Talent JV Mastermind

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Mar 4-6 2023

Best You Expo Los Angeles

April 5-6 2023

BizCon 2023

San Diego, CA

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June. 2023

Publicity and Publishing Conference

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Past Events

Global Unity foundation Gala

December 31, 2022

Top Talent Speaks 

august 2022

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With Angela Legh

Radical Acceptance of Ourselves, with Jeff Newman

13.05.2022 / 12 PM

The Incredible Cost of Avoiding Feelings, with Michael Unbroken

09.02.2022 / 12 PM

Label Free Podcast, with DeAnna Kuempel

02.10.2021 / 12 PM

The Author and the Artist, with Toni Lontis

04.11.2022 / 12 PM

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