A sneak peek at book three:

Princess Bella Visits the Dragon's Lair

Chapter 01

In the royal palace of Thessearia, the servants were abuzz. They were tasked with setting up a proper bedroom for the recently recovered Crown Princess Bella, preferably in the wing occupied by the Queen. They hurried to and fro, trying out wallpaper patterns, discarding them, trying out the next ones. They knew little about the newest royal; their task would have been easier if they had some knowledge about her preferences. The lead servant chose several paintings by the Queen to grace the walls, hoping that the princess would be pleased with them.

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The Bella Santini Chronicles

  • Loved by readers young and old, these books entertain, enlighten, and empower.
  • These highly acclaimed books help develop emotional intelligence in kids.
  • Children learn of innate value as human beings through these stories.
  • Reviewers from ages 24 to 73 universally praise the content of these books.
  • Author Angela Legh has been named one of the top three females of fiction for middle-grade books by Hindi Libraries in 2022.
  • If you could read a bedtime story to your kids that gave you and your children tools and techniques to help overcome adversity and deal with emotions, you would want that, wouldn't you?
  • From a mother: "I started reading this book a few days ago, and my 7-year-old son begs me to read more to him each night. The book is written at a higher level than I expected. My son can't keep up reading it himself but can follow along with the story. He stays engaged, and I am so happy to get to read something besides a comic book! This story is the perfect mix of fantasy and reality with incredible imagery. Can't wait to finish!"


what Experts say

Kirkus Reviews
"A colorfully written work in a fantastical world that young and old readers will enjoy."
Midwest Book Reviews
"Bella Santini in the Land of Everlasting Change is a different slice of a fascinating new alternate universe, that should be included fare for Harry Potter fans."